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First four…then one common… next probably back to four or three. Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders just cannot get together on anything and everything.

The Merdeka Day theme has been thoroughly thought of and decided upon but PR leaders wanted their own as they claimed the theme is too Barisan Nasional (BN). What do expect? BN ruling party to create a Merdeka Day theme based on oppositions’ objective?

So they (PR leaders) got together and suddenly came out with four themes…each state one theme…viola! A spate of masterpieces…not just one masterpiece…that’s wisdom they called it.

Point here is if they cannot get together on a Merdeka Day theme, one wonders how they can get together to run the country, to chart policies and future of the population?

Why such things occur with PR leaders? Reason is that all have big ideas and all have big egos…none wants to admit each one has lesser brain than the other.

That’s how they run the state and that’s why the states under them are in a lot of problem in every aspect…pity the voters who had voted them in with high hopes.

They just cannot arrive on a consensus on anything because all the three parties have their own goal, their own agenda, their own objective and most importantly as of at present they want to show to voters which of them is more dominant.

Always trying to show off even if what they have are all talks devoid of intelligent contents, they do not care, they feel the voters are with them all the way.

Selangor for example is in a bad shape if not politicallyit is economically as Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim toys with the projects like toying with new games, trying out corporate strategy on political matters and taking the voters as ‘testing materials’.

Thinking the voters are gullible, Khalid quietly made deals with Talam Corporation to the extend the state now owes Talam instead of the other way round.

And he still thinks he has made the right decision and is defending the decision like hell but until today he still has yet to come out with the White paper he promised.

Unisel – University Industri Selangor – is another case which Khalid sleeps on hoping the problem will go away just like his bad dream in his sleep.

He is trying not to fall while walking on a tightrope as he tries his best to balance his decision so as not to hurt DAP. The party that can give him hope to continue being the MB, not to harm PAS, the party that balance the Malay support for him and the Chinese and Indians in PKR, the party which he is the supreme council member.

So Khalid toys with his new toy – the State of Selangor – while down the road the future of the state’s population go down the drain, the way Khalid and his party going.

And all the while, dreaming that the voters are still with him, angry at BN for purportedly not championing their cause all this while.

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LGE’s Poor English, He Doesn’t Understand What ‘Discuss’ and ‘Review’ Are!

StopThelies-On Tuesday night, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak tweeted personally, ‘I have asked the Cabinet to discuss Section 114A of the Evidence Act 1950. Whatever we do must put people first’.

The word is ‘DISCUSS’ but some opposition leaders and their propaganda media were fast to change it into ‘REVIEW’.

The Dear Leader of Penang Lim Guan Eng was one of them.

He wrote in the Malaysia Chronicle that this was ‘another back-flip by Najib and his BN government seeking to reverse what is undoubtedly a grievous error that is unjust and irrational piece of legislation following outrage and popular protest by civil society movements and opposition parties’.

In fact, all Opposition propaganda machinery used similar terminology, without realising it made them look sooooooo stupid!

LGE too made a fool of himself for failing to understand and differentiate between ‘discuss’ and ‘review’.

For someone who boasts good command in English, LGE should be ashamed of himself.

He should instead apologise to Malaysians for misleading them with his stupid statement. If his apology is not forthcoming, he himself must consider taking English classes at night!

Or perhaps someone should provide him with good dictionaries.

Wah lan ney! You should also tell your Pakatan Rakyat friends and people like Marina Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim to equip themselves with better English.

Who knows, if God permits Pakatan Rakyat to form the next Federal Government and you are made a Foreign Minister, the whole world may laugh at you if you can’t differentiate between ‘extinguish’ and ‘distinguish’ or between ‘anal’ and ‘canal’.

What a farce!
By the way, how do you administer Penang with such English? You may have studied at a 3-storey school building but your level of carelessness in English is as high as the KL Tower!

We believe your ‘cha-bo’ speaks better English than you.

So, back to the Evidence Act. Do you know that DAP under Chen Man Hin also supported it. You could also ask Hu Sepang and Lee Lam Thye about it.

But the manner in which you whacked Najib’s government didn’t reflect you, your age and your mentality. You did it because others in your camp started it.

Grow up la, please. Look before you take such a leap. Why can’t you wait for the next Dewan Rakyat session to raise the issue rather than screaming around telling the whole world that each and every Malaysian law is meant to oppress the rakyat.

As an opposition figure, your credibility is at stake for failing to assist the nation regulate a better set of law for everybody. What you do is to bark around like a mad dog.

If you think you got a better idea as to how such a law can be amended and enhanced, use the proper channel. What is your motive anyway? To attract foreigners condemn your own country?

Another thing about you is, while avowing your dissension for the Evidence Act, you yourself is already becoming part of it.

Just look at how you throw punches at Najib and his ministers without any clue and proof.
Apa la lu!

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PAS Is Not An Islamic Party: They Are Obsessed

It has become a routine for PAS's leaders and supporters to clash between one another, they would often put politics in front of everything and they would never accept one anothers' opinions.

Their arrogance had led to each of them often try to find their own excuses to show that they are never wrong, while everything which was accomplished by UMNO is always wrong.

To them, PAS is the only organization which fights for Islam and UMNO is kafir where they go against PAS.

As UMNO comes up with Islamic development programs such as the developing Islamic banking, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA), Tabung Haji, building mosques and surau, PAS would be the forst to mock all of those efforts.

During the early establishments of Tabung Haji, Bank Islam and UIA, PAS mocked and said that BN was trying to gain support from rakyat which had shifted to PAS.

Not just that, PAS also mentioned that those who used the service from Tabung Haji to perform their haj, it would not mean anything and need to be done again.

When the fact is, since it was officially running in 1963, it is one of the biggest help for Muslims so that they would reach Mecca.

If it is true that Tabung Haji is haram, why should PAS supporters go there to find work? Perhaps those mockery that gave to UMNO were just jealousy.

As for Bank Islam, PAS mentioned that those were UMNO's new political weapons to weaken the support for PAS. But as PAS takes over Kelantan in 1990, how could the CM decide to keep the state money to Bank Islam. Nik Aziz even dared mention that Kelantan is the only state that keeps and operates with Bank Islam.

UIA in the other hand, after a while, it becomes the university which produces graduates from pro-PAS youth who are now even few of the leaders and supporters.

All of these showed that PAS is an Islamic party that uses the name of Islam for their own interest instead of working for people.

Their extreme movement had proven to be useless for both rakyat and the country.

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LGE Choose....

LGE Choose..

LGE Choose..


Pada bulan Ramadhan tahun 2009 xavier Jayakumar telah diarahkan oleh totok lebai pas untuk menyampaikan tazkirah di Masjid Ar Rahimiah Sri Andalas Klang..Selepas tiga tahun berlalu Masjid itu ditengelami banjir..

Adakah ini BALA yang diturunkan oleh Allah swt terhadap DOSA Kafir Harbi Xavier Jeyakumar?? Azab yang masih dirasai sehingga ke malam ini sehingga jemaah sukar untuk menunaikan solat di dewan utama masjid berkenaan

Apa yang peliknya lokasi Masjid Ar Rahimiah ini terletak diatas Bukit Lipat Kajang..Mana mungkin boleh dinaikki banjir ?? Sedangkan Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah yang bertentangan pun tak dinaikki banjir walaupun Hospital itu kedudukan lebih rendah dari kedudukan Masjid..

Apakah yang berlaku ini adalah tanda kemurkaan Allah terhadap pimpinan PKR dan Pas di Selangor kerana sanggup mempergunakan Masjid untuk kepentingan politik ??


Skandal 22juta,Cik P dan Juga Penyelewengan Lim Guan Eng.

Baru baru ini pemuda Bn Pulau Pinang mendedahkan satu lagi skandal jutaan ringgit menjual tanah rumah murah untuk rakyat kepada syarikat swasta membabitkan tuhan DAP YB(Yang Bohong) Lim Guan Eng.:klik sini
Pisau akan terangkan secara ringkas agar mudah difahami bagaimana sebuah syarikat swasta mampu memenangi tender yang kononnya terbuka untuk membeli sebidang tanah dengan mendapat favour daripada Lim Guan Eng.

Skandal ini memang mengejutkan apabila membabitkan penyelewengan jutaan ringgit wang rakyat dan mengadai kepentingan rakyat untuk mendapatkan rumah murah.

Fasa pertama kerajaan BN berjaya membina rumah murah untuk rakyat dan dalam perancangan seterusnya akan membina rumah murah didalam fasa 2 tetapi malangnya kerajaan BN tumbang pada PRU12.Maka perancangan itu terhenti begitu saja dan apabila diambil alih oleh regim DAP ,melihat kepada nilai dan potensi keuntungan yang besar maka kepentingan rakyat dibelakangkan.

Ini gambar sebidang tanah fasa 2 di Taman Manggis berhampiran Tune Hotel yang diluluskan oleh kerajaan BN untuk membina rumah murah untuk rakyat tetapi malangnya dijual kepada kroni Guan Eng. Tanah tersebut dijual lebih murah daripada harga pasaran dengan harga hanya 11juta sedangkan nilai sebenar adalah 22juta.:klik sini
Kenapa dikaitkan dengan kroni? Salah seorang kroni Guan Eng yang dimaksudkan adalah cik P. misteri cik P terbongkar apabila 2 hari lepas Pisau sendiri bertemu beberapa sumber dalaman menceritakan individu yang dikaitkan dengan Lim Guan Eng.

Tinggi,langsing,seksi,berambut panjang,berlesung pipit dan cukup lawa.Adakah Guan Eng berani nafikan identiti cik P?

Jika dibandingkan dengan Rainbow rasanya cik P lebih lawa dan menarik jauh sekali berbanding Betty Chew...
Adakah gadis dibawah adalah cik P ? hehe bukan..itu encik pembohong..
Menurut sumber Pisau,beliau langsung tidak menafikan bahawa kaitan cik P dan Lim Guan Eng cukup rapat.Malah tambah beliau Cik P turut terbabit secara langsung dalam proses ubah suai rumah sewa Lim Guan Eng yang menelan belanja yang amat besar membabitkan wang rakyat.
EXTENSIVE RENOVATION. Lim Guan Eng said he was forced by termites & ants to move in June 2009 and so rented that bungalow for a few thousand ringgit!! Wakaka. Bungalow worth RM3.7 million(incl cost of renovation & furnishing)

Cik P adalah salah seorang pengarah dengan syarikat Winbond Sdn Bhd.Kenapa sebaik saja skandal ini meletup,laman web syarikat Winbond terus dipadam?klik 
winbond sdn bhd
Kenapa dikaitkan dengan Winbond?Walaupun Winbond hanyalah sebuah syarikat membekal tenaga kerja asing,namun syarikat ini hanyalah sebagai bayangan untuk menutup pembabitan perolehan tanah Taman Manggis.

Untuk pengetahuan anda,Syarikat Winbond Sdn Bhd adalah sebahagian daripada rangkaian syarikat syarikat yang mempunyai kaitan dengan 
Victoria International Medical Center Sdn Bhd yang membeli tanah di Taman Manggis dibawah harga pasaran. Maknanya ia mempunyai pemilik yang sama...

Harga sebenar tanah tersebut adalah lebih 22juta,sebaliknya hanya dijual dengan harga 11juta.Adakah Cik P memberi pelbagai imbuhan kepada Lim Guan Eng hinggakan beliau secara sengaja meluluskan penjualan tanah tersebut walaupun mengetahui tanah tersebut telah digazetkan untuk pembinaan rumah murah kepada rakyat.

Adakah Lim Guan Eng mahu menafikan beliau langsung tidak menerima wang dan pelbagai barangan sebagai imbuhan?

Jika rasis chauvanis ultrakiasu Lim Guan Eng berani kerana benar sila jawap dan nafikan...

Tahukan anda,sehingga sekarang Lim Guan Eng tidak berani menyaman atau menafikan mengenai skandal ini.

Masihkan anda ingat bagaimana Guan Eng mengugut untuk menyaman ketua pemuda Umno Pulau Pinang,namun kita semua tahu sehingga sekarang beliau langsung tidak berani saman..kerana apa?

Skandal Taman Manggis adalah salah satu skandal yang membabitkan puluhan juta ringgit,sama seperti penyelewengan tanah Bayan Mutiara yang Guan Eng sendiri akui dijual dibawah harga pasaran:klik sini.Kerugian kerajaan negeri 10billion klik sini,

Projek sPICE yang membabitkan kerugian kerajaan negeri hampir 1billion:klik sini kerana tahu akan penyelewengan skandal tersebut ketua cabang PKR terus meletak jawatan :klik sini

Pisau kata " banyak lagi yang tak didedahkan..."

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Pada 16/17 Ogos lalu, Timbalan Ketua Menteri I Pulau Pinang, Mansor Othman dikatakan berada dalam keadaan yang cemas apabila blog Gelagat Anwar mendedahkan transkrip rakaman beliau mengutuk bosnya, Lim Guan Eng di dalam satu mesyuarat. Antara yang hadir di dalam mesyuarat tersebut ialah Law Choo Kiang PKR Bukit Bendera, Felix Ooi, PKR Bayan Baru, Tan Seng Keat calon Bayan Baru pada 2004, Raymond Ong, PKR Tanjung, Ng Chek Siang;,Batu Uban, Cheah Peng Guan dan John Ooi, juga PKR Bayan Baru.

Mansor di dalam rakaman tersebut merujuk kepada Guan Eng sebagai ‘sombong’ dan ‘angkuh’. Beliau juga dikatakan mengucapkannya dengan berani dan lantang. Antara petikan rakaman tersebut berbunyi: 

“Dia (Guan Eng) very arrogant I tell you. Cocky and arrogant. It’s not easy. Now more arrogant because dia menang banyak.” — sumber blog ‘Gelagat Anwar‘ (1)

“Guan Eng macam tokong, you know, to the Chinese. You cannot deny that… he is just like a tokong. Itu yang buat dia org sombong … very, very angkuh and arrogant.” — sumber blog ‘Gelagat Anwar‘ (2)

Secara dasarnya, rakyat telah pun sedia maklum akan keangkuhan dan kesombongan Guan Eng. Malah, di dalam DAP sendiri, Guan Eng tidak begitu disukai. Beliau juga menjadi penyebab beberapa pemimpin DAP keluar parti akibat tidak tahan dengan keangkuhan, kesombongan dan juga ‘kekorupan’ beliau. 

Namun, ini bukan soal Guan Eng kerana semua orang sudah kenal siapa Guan Eng lidah biawak, hati kering, penipu tegar yang tidak tahu malu bila kantoi. 

Ini adalah soal Mansor dan kedudukannya di dalam PKR, di dalam pentadbiran Pulau Pinang, di sisi Guan Eng dan di mata rakyat. Umum tahu bahawa tiada seorang pemimpin termasuk di dalam DAP sendiri yang akan selamat jika berani melawan Guan Eng. Kediktatoran Guan Eng bukan satu cerita rekaan dan kerana itulah Mansor dikhabarkan menjadi kecut perut mengenang nasib yang bakal menimpa dirinya. 

Lebih menakutkan Mansor ialah apabila ada pihak yang tampil menyatakan yang mereka akan menyebarkan rakaman suara tersebut tidak lama lagi bagi membolehkan semua orang mengadili sendiri apa yang diperkatakan dan siapa yang mengatakannya. 

Menurut sumber, pihak yang terlibat tidak berminat untuk menunggu ‘waktu yang sesuai’ seperti pilihanraya, untuk menyebarkannya tetapi akan menyebarkannya sebaik saja mereka bersedia. 

PKR Pulau Pinang kini berada dalam keadaan gelabah namun tidak begitu bersungguh untuk mempertahankan Mansor. Khabarnya, masing-masing lebih berminat menyelamatkan diri dari ‘dibaham’ Guan Eng. Tidak keterlaluan jika dikatakan mereka lebih takutkan Guan Eng dari Anwar, Ketua Umum parti mereka. 

Apa yang berlaku akhir-akhir ini memperlihatkan Guan Eng mula menunjuk curiga secara terang-terangan terhadap Mansor dan mula memberi tekanan terhadap beliau. Walaupun begitu, ada juga pengkhabaran yang menyatakan bahawa Guan Eng sudah lama mencari jalan untuk menyingkirkan Mansor dan semua Melayu-melayu di dalam pentadbiran Pulau Pinang. 

Jika ini benar, maka pendedahan rakaman tersebut telah memberikan peluang untuk Guan Eng berbuat demikian.

Selama ini, parti pembangkang gemar merujuk kepada pemimpin UMNO sebagai diktator atau kukubesi. Tetapi kini, ternyata, mereka berpeluang berhadapan dengan diktator sebenar yang tidak boleh dikritik, tidak boleh ditegur apatah lagi dikutuk, di dalam parti mereka sendiri. 

Kerana itu, walaupun penyebaran rakaman suara tersebut belum lagi dibuat, Mansor sudah dapat merasakan bahaya yang bakal menimpa dirinya. Inilah suasana hidup dalam pentadbiran kukubesi, iaitu sentiasa berwaspada, takut dan langsung tidak punya hak bersuara. 

Sewajarnya rakyat mengambil iktibar dengan pergolakan politik Pulau Pinang ini. Percayalah, kita juga pasti akan terpaksa hidup dalam keadaan yang sama iaitu sentiasa ketakutan dan tiada hak bersuara jika ditakdirkan PR menjadi pemerintah Malaysia dengan DAP menjadi kuasa mutlak di belakangnya.